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Personal approach
Pleasant environment near the centre of Prague
Friendly personnel
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Dental treatment for the whole family
Our care for your beautiful smile
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  • Discount for teeth whitening

    We have specials on a new modern whitening system ZOOM PHILIPS WHITESPEED at introductory price! Painless, the most gentle and effective method of teeth whitening currently available in the world. All you need is one visit and you can have up to 6-8 shades whiter teeth. It is safe, effective and fast. Make your appointment…

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Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene

Experienced dental hygienist will advise you how to care of your teeth and gums. Dental hygienist is an indispensable part of quality dental practice. Most of dental treatments are much more feasible and durable after the intervention of dental hygienist. Some of the treatments are even not feasible without dental hygiene.

Philips ZOOM Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Try a new and the most effective method of painless teeth whitening by Philips ZOOM WhiteSpeed. It is the most effective teeth whitening method currently available in the world. Philips ZOOM belongs among the gentlest systems, offering both in-office and home whitening. No tooth sensitivity!


Have you got removable partial – total denture? Does it hold poorly and forces you to forget about any hard food and to eat soups and soft food only? Are you tired of the taste and the feeling of adhesive cream on you denture in your mouth? You do not want to or you can´t use common implants? We have a solution for you …


Specially by us

Our dental clinic boasts to have (as the only one in Europe and maybe in the world) the waiting room decorated in the style of Depeche Mode. You can see some photos from their gigantic “Tour Of The Universe”. There is a soft music playing in the waiting room, there are no dental posters on the walls and therefore you don´t have a feeling you are at the dentist. More about the band you can find at www.depechemode.cz.

Music at your wish

During the treatment in the office we will sweeten your auditory perception with Yamaha high quality sound system. It transfers 7.1 channel surround sound, using the sound field of 22 transducer beams. Yamaha IntelliBeam technology ensures the room is full of high quality sound. Tell us what you want to listen to during the treatment and we make it happen for you. Play the music wirelessly from your iPod, iPhone or iPad.The sound system was installed by www.ambient.cz.

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Made out of pure titanium Grade 4
Guarantee of full functionality
Almost 100% implant healing
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Single tooth replacement
No need to grind surrounding healthy teeth
Fixation of hybrid dentures
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Multiple tooth replacement while resolving larger gaps
Painless placement with local anaesthesia
Long-term guarantee

Implantology - dental implants

Are you missing a tooth or several teeth? Do you want your beautiful smile not to be spoiled by a missing tooth? Do you want to regain self-confidence and have no limitations in your social and working life? We have a solution for you! Dental implants help you! It is the best way how to get a brand new tooth, looking absolutely authentic. It fulfils all the functions of the natural teeth. Dental implants are long-term, high quality comfortable solution.
Dental implants can nowadays easily replace common uncomfortable dentures (bridges or removable dentures).




Mr. Václav Knop

Actor, director and voice-over artist

“As an actor I need to have my teeth in absolute order, it is an essential part of my look. Not to mention I wouldn´t be able to speak properly if something is wrong there. People often search for certainties nowadays – I have found one in 2007 and its name is Dentim, in 2007. They take care of me perfectly, my teeth are great and I am not afraid to smile and laugh. It might sound weird, but I like to go to the dentist. On top, there is always fun there.” www.kanopa.cz

Barbora Seidlova

Ms. Barbora Seidlová


“I have never believed as a child that you can leave the dentist with a smile on your face. I was terribly afraid of him! When I grew up, I preferred not to go there at all… before I learnt about Dentim. I found a great care there, pleasant surroundings, friendly personnel.. And I always leave with a smile.”


Mr. Jozef Papp

Managing Director Prague

“I come here for several years already, for prevention checks and the dental hygiene. I´m always happy with the professional approach, pleasant surroundings, soothing music in waiting room and in the office. Recommended to all, even to those who are afraid.”


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