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Dental hygienist

Experienced dental hygienist will advise you how to care of your teeth and gums. Dental hygienist is an indispensable part of quality dental practice. Most of dental treatments are much more feasible and durable after the intervention of dental hygienist. Some of the treatments are even not feasible without dental hygiene.

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Preventive examinations

Prevention is a priority of our care of patients. The basic and most effective form of preventive care of your teeth are preventive examination and well performed home and/or professional oral hygiene. Proper preventive care helps to eliminate problems in the oral cavity and ensure your long dental health. Dental hygiene is recommended regularly, 3 times a year, which is enough to detect any negative changes, which you are not able to recognize by yourself.

Professional cleaning

Do you feel that professional treatment by a dental hygienist is unnecessary for you and that you do not need them? Error! Even seemingly clean teeth need to be professionally cleaned at least once in a while. In our practice, it is customary that after an initial check-up with a doctor, the patient is referred to a dental hygienist, and after achieving the necessary cleanliness of the teeth and gum health, he is ordered for a doctor’s procedure. Our hygienist uses AirFlow Prophylaxis Master of the Swiss brand EMS. It is the best and newest device in the world, used to remove tartar, microbial plaque and pigmentation from all and hard to reach places in the oral cavity.


At the first dental hygiene visit you´ll get a loyalty card from us. Each sixth treatment – recall 30 minutes is for free.

  • performs professional oral cavity treatment (removal of plaque, tartar and pigmentation)
  • fissure sealing – involves preventive fillings, especially by children
  • shows you suitable, efficient and teeth-friendly brushing techniques
  • whitens your teeth
  • recommends you right tools and a wide range of available accessories for home care
  • will help you to eliminate sensitivity of your teeth
  • will help you to achieve beautiful and radiant smile
  • is involved in the treatment of advanced gum disease (periodontitis)
  • teaches you how to take care of your teeth in such a way, that you need a dentist at least

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