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You can purchase gift vouchers of desired value at our dental office. Surprise your friend or family member with an original gift. Gift vouchers are ready for you by us, we will prepare it and print out to fully meet your requirements and expectations.

The best solution is to purchase a gift voucher in a nominal value chosen by you. The recipient has a great opportunity to choose freely any of our services, up to the financial limit stated on the gift voucher.

In case the nominal value of voucher is exceeded, the recipient pays the difference. If the amount is not consumed at one visit, the rest is automatically transferred to the next visits.

The gift voucher can be used for dental procedures according to our actual price list only. It can also be used for purchase of dental hygiene products, toothbrushes etc.

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Give a present to your friend
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Investment into health
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Suitable gift for anyone

To arrange the appointment, call (+420) 220 801 820 or (+420) 774 990 805.

  • Validity of gift voucher is limited to twelve months from the date of issue. It cannot be used after the expiry date. It is not possible to request its balance or any unused balance to be paid or compensated in any other way.
  • To use specialized care the patient doesn´t have to be registered at our office.
  • In case the price of the treatment exceeds the gift voucher balance, the remaining amount must be paid with another payment method.
  • Any unused balance is not refunded and cannot be converted to cover additional treatments.
  • Gift voucher can be used only once and only the original print-out will be accepted.
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